It is one of my favorite parts of a Hudson Valley Parade. I love when I am sitting along the parade route and the local Firefighter's go by playing drums and bagpipes. It is a staple to any parade big or small. Did you ever wonder who they are and where they come from? Turns out they are a group of emergency personnel from all over the Hudson Valley who have committed to being a musical group.

One of the Hudson Valley's most recognized groups that play local events including parades is the Orange County Firefighters Pipe & Drums of NY. Chances are if you have attended a Hudson Valley parade in the past you have seen them perform. Hopefully we will get to seeing see them perform again soon when parades start up again which will hopefully be soon, that may be why today on their Facebook page they posted they are looking for new members.

If you or someone you know is a Firefighter, First responder or have a connection to Hudson Valley emergency services the Orange County Firefighters Pipe & Drum of NY could be looking for you. You do need to be able to play the bagpipes or drums. They are currently recruiting for the band.

The band has regular rehearsals that are held in small groups. The band practices with social distance requirements. The idea is to keep your skills up while we all wait for things to get back to normal. The group is hoping to be ready to go as soon as parades return to our community streets.

If you are interested you can contact the group through their Facebook page with messenger.





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