Recently, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that the maple industry has been certified by the state.

According to a press release from Cuomo's office, the maple industry in New York has officially been added to the New York State Grown & Certified Program. New York is the second-ranking state for maple production. The industry generates an economic impact of $141 million each year.

The Hudson Valley has over 10 places that are part of the maple industry, the largest being Crown Maple. The addition of the industry to the state's program will increase exposure for the products, according to the release. The program also requires the product to be sourced from New York trees and processed in the state. The products must also meet food safety standards and producers must complete maple classes.

New York Maple Weekend kicks off on March 17-18 and continues again on March 24-25. Maple producers will allow visitors, tours, host pancake breakfasts, and plenty other activities during these weekends.


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