Two men, one from the Hudson Valley, drowned while swimming in the ocean in Florida.

Five men were pulled into the ocean in Miami when a riptide unexpectedly swept the group into the ocean. Two men were killed, 3 survived. reports Chaim Parnes, of Kiryas Joel is one of the two killed. Parnes was a diamond dealer who made headlines when he was pistol whipped and robbed of $35,000 worth of merchandise during a 2015 Thanksgiving visit to North Miami.

The second victim was identified as Yitzchak Rosenberg, owner of Certified Lumber in Williamsburg and several properties.

Emergency personnel performed CPR on Parnes and Rosenberg. Both were were pronounced dead at Aventura Hospital.

There were no lifeguards on duty in the area when the men went swimming and officials say signs were posted warning to swim only in guarded areas and warning of the dangers of riptides.

Aron Wurzberger and Yitzchok Englander, both of Kiryas Joel are among the survivors. The 3rd survivor has not been identified.

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