People are coming out in droves to get a photo op with a new attraction at the popular dive bar.

The Hopewell Inn is the oldest bar in Dutchess County dating back to the late 1800s. There's been many a fun night for many in the area spent at this bar over the years, and the bar is so popular, it made our list of Top 5 Hudson Valley Dive Bars in 2022. It also made our list of 6 Places in the Hudson Valley to Get a Good Whiskey Sour.

The bar nowadays also has an outdoor beach area with actual sand and a tiki bar atmosphere, that just recently opened up for the 2023 summer season, and folks appear to flocking to the spot to check out the popular dive bar's hot new attraction.

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A couple of weeks ago, Hopewell Inn owner Dawn Weber took to social media to announce that a shark had finally come to the Hopewell Inn and that he needs a name.

Since the arrival of the new shark, which fits the summer beach theme at the Hopewell Inn, and adorns the front of the building at 488 NY-376 in Hopewell Junction, NY, it has become a popular attraction. People are coming out and taking pictures with the new "mascot, which you can't help but think of as Jaws when you get a look at him.

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6. Jaws the Revenge

The bar is encouraging customers to come out and take some "Jaw-some" pics with their newest addition.

The shark is taking victims daily, so stop on out to the Hopewell Inn if you dare!

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