A Hudson Valley firefighter confessed on video he sent sexual messages to someone he thought was 14.

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According to the Facebook group "Team Loyalty Makes You Family," a 57-year-old man by the name of Glenn traveled to a park in Orange County to meet a 14-year-old. The Facebook group aims to expose alleged sexual predators.

A member of "Team Loyalty Makes You Family" acted as 14-year-old and texted with the 57-year-old man and arranged to meet the man. When the 57-year-old traveled to meet the teen he was approached by a member of the network of adult citizens who target child predators.

In the video, which can be seen below, the man admits to sending sexual messages to someone he thought was 14. The 57-year-old said he's a married father of two who drove 20 minutes to meet the girl.

"The things he wanted to do to a child are absolutely disgusting," Team Loyalty Makes You Family wrote while sharing the video.

Comments on social media identified the man as Glenn Keenan of the Coldenham Fire Department. Keenan is listed as the Sergeant at Arms on the Coldenham Fire and Rescue website.

Fire officials didn't mention Keenan by name but commented on the viral video which has been viewed 87,000 times.

"The Coldenham Fire District is aware of and has met concerning a recent incident involving a member of the Coldenham Fire Company. The Coldenham Fire District has taken action and placed the member on administrative leave pending further investigation," Coldenham Fire-Rescue wrote on Facebook.

The Coldenham Fire District hasn't returned our request for additional comment.

Team Loyalty Makes You Family reminded others the man's actions are his alone and not the fault of his family or fire department.

"His actions are his actions though. His family is innocent. Please do not contact them. Our hearts go out to his family in this difficult time," Team Loyalty Makes You Family wrote. "Another important thing, please do not contact the fire department. They are an amazing group of people who do a lot for their community & kids! If anything, let’s show them our support.

Below is the video of the interaction with the 57-year-old man. Warning: the video contains vulgar language.

In July of 2018, Team Loyalty Makes You Family helped expose a former Middletown High School who confessed he deleted sexual messages he sent to someone he thought was 15.

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