**Updated on 10/22/2020**

Hudson Valley Credit Union members just might have gotten used to not calling it Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union, but now they will be needing to make another subtle change.

What change will members be required to make? This time it is a change to the credit union internet banking and app. The HVCU website notifies members of the changes, not of how they log on (your passwords and usernames will remain the same) but where they log on. If you go to the main website to start your internet banking sessions you will not see a change. If you start your banking session from an internet bookmark or saved favorite, you will need to make a slight update.

What happened to Federal, where did it go? Click here for changes that took place in September 2019. 

This slight change will begin after business hours on October 20, 2020. If you are an app user, you are also being asked to update to the most current version of the app. When will the most recent app be available? Check with the iOS app store and the Google play/android app store for the most recent versions of the banking app

Here is what HVCU website says about the changes:

  • Mobile Banking Users – If you use our Mobile Banking app, please be sure to update our app to the latest version between October 20th and October 27th. Older versions of our app will not work after October 27th. Please note: It may take 24-48 hours for the updated app to appear in the apps stores. Our current Mobile Banking app will continue to work through the dates noted above.
  • Internet Banking Bookmarks – If you have our login page bookmarked, please update the address so it references hvcu instead of hvfcu. As a reminder, logging in from the homepage of our website is the most direct way to access your accounts and eliminates the need to bookmark our login page. 

Remember to update your bookmarked site and your app.

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