Whether you are a member of the Hudson Valley Credit Union HVCU (formerly Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union) you can still heed the following warning, be careful online.

The HVCU emailed members making them aware of yet another online scandal. This time around, the scammers make it look like they are from a well known computer support team. From the HVCU website:

A popular scam involves an individual or company contacting you claiming to be from “support” and urging you strongly to respond to their message ASAP. Recently, members have been contacted by “Apple support,” “Microsoft Support,” and “Amazon Support.”

This should be a reminder to you that those companies will not contact you that way. The main thing that should set off your "Spidey-senses" is when one of these companies tells you to 'respond immediately.'

The goal with these scams/scammers is to get malware or a virus onto your machine. That will then be able to get access to your password protected accounts, even the potential to access your banking information.

When in doubt, do not click on anything in the email, or reply. Your best case of action is to contact the company that the email says its from and ask them directly. Do not do it through the email.

If you know the business, say your bank, call them directly and ask them if they need anything from you. Remember, when you think it is a scam, it probably is.

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