While they have made improvements in recent years, a Hudson Valley city has been named one of the top five worst places to live in New York.

According to Homesnacks.net, Newburgh is the fourth worst place to live in the entire state. A variety of factors were taken into consideration including crime, economy all the way down to public school funding. Newburgh has the second highest violent crime rate in New York and your chances of experiencing that first hand are pretty high.

Here's a look at the top 3 worst places to live statewide. The full list can be found in the video above.

  1. Rochester
  2. Albion
  3. Niagra Falls

Sure Newburgh gets a bum rap. And yes, there is high crime and low property values. The job market in the area has struggled too. But Newburgh is showing signs of turning things around. We think you should give them a chance. Beacon was in similar shape and they've made a dramatic recovery.

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