I think we are going to have to start calling 2022 the year of the comeback.

It seems like every time you turn on the TV or scroll through social media, you see that something is back for the first time in a while. Some of it like Baseball and such are seasonal but others are still the result of the pandemic.

Some of the things that disappeared over the past two years aren't really missed, but some things we are eagerly awaiting their return. One Hudson Valley restaurant took a chance and even included in their post the return of this menu item was no joke.

Mountain Brauhaus Restaurant in Gardiner, New York

I don't have the answer to why the burgers at the Mountain Brauhaus Restaurant are back. I honestly don't know why they were gone, but all that matters is that they are back because they look and sound so delicious. There are three on the menu which have returned as of today.

Mountain Brauhaus Restaurant Gunksburger
Mountain Brauhaus Restaurant Gunksburger

Burger Menu at the Mountain Brauhaus Restaurant near New Paltz, New York

The Gunksburger with its 8 ounces of beef covered with melted Munster cheese and grilled onions served on a raisin pumpernickel bread has resturned. They also have a Hamburger which is served on a toasted brioche bun, and they also offer a Veggie Burger made with a sweet potato black bean burger. For those who don't want a burger, they have a Bell & Evans Chicken Breast sandwich with buttermilk herb dressing.


Mountain Brauhaus Restaurant via Facebook
Mountain Brauhaus Restaurant via Facebook

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