Memorial Day Weekend - the 'unofficial' start of summer, and with it, the beginning of barbecue season.  We were talking about this on the air just the other day, where people fall when it comes to hosting, and/or attending barbecues, so now let's have you weigh in.

Hosting - How Do You BBQ?

I definitely think there are different kinds of BBQ hosts out there, right?

  • There's the type that tell you oh don't worry, you don't need to bring anything at all.
  • I've attended BBQs where the host just provides the location and the grill and then have their guests take care of bringing the rest.
  • Then, and to be very honest this one irks me a little, you've got those who ration, surveying guests to find out what they want to eat only and cook to order.

Maybe it's because I was raised in an Italian household, where, anytime we had people over for a meal, even if it was just one extra person, my parents were cooking to feed 30 and sending people home with Tupperware containers full of leftovers.  But I digress.

pixabay for Canva
pixabay for Canva

Attending - What's Your Approach?

Now, when you attend a BBQ at someone's house, family, friends, neighbors, are you going with arms loaded, asking what you can contribute, grabbing booze on the way over? If not food or drink, do you bring a gift for the hosts? Growing up I always remember seeing my parents headed to BBQs with arms loaded; dessert, a bottle of wine, sometimes a salad or appetizer too.  My grandfather used to say that when you go to someone's house your arms should be so full (of food or things for the hosts), that you have to ring the doorbell with your elbows - he was a smart guy!

But what if the hosts tell you not to bring anything at all, do you go empty handed?  In my world the answer to that is no, because I have this irrational fear that somehow my parents will find out that I didn't bring something and I'll get yelled at...yes I'm an adult, with a child of my own, and still scared of my parents.

RODNAE Productions for Canva
RODNAE Productions for Canva

BBQ Etiquette - Where Do You Stand

So, as we head into the season of regular BBQs, we're just trying to get an idea of where the Hudson Valley stands - no judgement - just some local research.  Weigh in here.

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