So it isn't very often that I have to correct something I wrote but I would like to go on the recorded that a month or so back I may have given out some wrong information. With Easter ending I proclaimed the end of the Seasonal candy season and it seems I may have been mistaken, Okay fine, Wrong

I was sure that the seasonal candy season started with Halloween went thru Christmas, Valentine's Day and wrapped with us all eating ourselves sick with our Easter baskets full of Reese's eggs. I went so far as to say that the season candy isle in the grocery store would have to take a hiatus until August when I expect we will see the next round of Halloween candy.

Halloween candy
Jennifer Barrow

Seems logical right? No more seasonal candy until Halloween rolled around again but nope that is not true. I rounded the seasonal candy isle assuming that it would be filled with regular candy with generic wrappers and I was wrong. Waiting for me was shelves full of summer themed candy front and foremost salt water taffy.

Photo by Laura Ockel on Unsplash
Photo by Laura Ockel on Unsplash

How could I have forgotten about salt water taffy? As a kid I had to wait all year to get it when we were on summer vacation at the beach. My favorite flavor was banana. I even lost a tooth to salt water taffy one summer. The tooth fairy got a very sticky tooth that time around.

William Thomas Cain
William Thomas Cain

So I am taking back my statement about seasonal candy it turn out there is a summer candy and it is so popular it has a National Day. National Taffy Day is on the calendar for this Sunday. Fun fact from the National Day folks, salt water taffy was invented in 1883 in Atlantic City.

Other places to find Summer themed Candy

The Oriental Trading Company

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The Candy Warehouse

Check out these cool beach towns where you might be able to get some taffy.

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Popular Easter Candy

From Halloween to Easter some of our favorite candy brands get reworked for each of the holidays. Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day and finally Easter. From September to April we can eat candy to our hearts content. But have you ever realized that after Easter there are no more candy focused holidays until Halloween comes around again.

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