June 1, 1976. It was the day that WPDH signed on the air as a rock and roll station. 45 years ago today. You may not realize it, but 45 years is an incredibly long time for a radio station to play the same format. Sure, there have been tweaks here and there, but the bottom line is that WPDH has been the Home of Rock and Roll for nearly a half century.

Since that very first day in 1976, WPDH has been a part of my life. It was my favorite station, and when I was old enough I got a job there. When I wasn’t working at WPDH, I was a listener. But mostly, it’s been my career and in total, I’ve been here for 31 of my years. It’s a long time, but it’s obviously close to my heart because I’m still here. And it’s not just the radio station that I love.

What keeps WPDH going is our listeners. Our connection with the community. Our love for the Hudson Valley, and the love we get in return. It has never even occurred to me to leave the Hudson Valley. It’s my home, and the thousands upon thousands of listeners we’ve met along the way somewhere became more than listeners. They’re friends. Friends of the radio station and friends of the personalities, both past and present. We’ve made memories together at Roof-a-Thons, Camps Outs for Kids, even during a global pandemic. We’ve gone through it all together.

So, how do you wish a radio station a Happy Anniversary? You don't. You wish all the listeners and all the communities in the Hudson Valley a Happy Anniversary. We've got many years to celebrate, and hopefully, many more to come. Happy Anniversary, Hudson Valley! And thank you. I've actually shared my 5 favorite radio moments while working here at WPDH, and some of the nicest people I've interviewed. Keep reading for the scoop.

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