Local residents of Westbrookville, New York were recently left dumbfounded when they found out that their local post office would be closing. The shock itself not only came from the fact that the post office would be closing but more specifically WHEN it would be closing.

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A Surprise in the Mail

On Wednesday June 28, Westbrookville locals went to their mailboxes to discover a surprising letter from their local post office. The letter detailed that the post office, located on state route 209 would be closing. The closing came as a shock and what was equally as shocking was the notice was delivered to residents only 24 hours before the closing.

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That's right residents received the notice on wednesday that the post office would be closing the next day on Thursday. Something equally as concerning as the notice itself was the fact that no specific reason was given as to why the closing was happening or necessary to begin with.

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The only necessary information given to recipients of the notice was of where the nearest next post office location was for residents. That post office is the Otisville Post Office, located 3.3 miles away. In addition the notice also informed recipients that all PO boxes would also be moved to the Otisville location. Otisville Post Office would begin serving the Westbrookville residents starting today June 30th.

The Expected Budget Deficit Of US Postal Service Grows To 7 Billion For '09
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Confusion and Frustration in Westbrookville

The abrupt shutdown of the Westbrookville Post Office rightfully left many in the small community confused and looking for answers. This sentiment was echoed by Assemblyman Karl Brabenec, who stated...

People get their medications delivered here, they have important documents here - and just to do this to residents, without even offering home delivery, is absolutely outrageous

Postmaster General Claims U.S. Postal Service May Run Out Of Money In '09
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In addition, in a report from News 12: Westchester, Brabenec would also expound about how this abrupt closing was even more egregious because contract with this USPS location required they give a 60-day notice to residents about a shut down or closing. In the same report from News 12: Westchester, you can also see a photo of one of the letters received by a Westbrookville resident.

U.S. Postal Service Considers Cutting Mail Delivery By One Day
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It is not confirmed at this time but it is possible that this abrupt change could be a part of new plans announced by the U.S. Postal Service earlier this month. The plan is for USPS to create "regional sorting and delivery centers" which would change how some residents between Orange and Dutchess County would get there mail. Those changes though were not supposed to begin until September.

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