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My history lesson across the Hudson Valley is continuing and the next spot on my list to research is Ulster County.

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I've always found it interesting how towns and counties receive their names.  The Hudson Valley has tons of history and when you dig deep, you'll find out that the land around here has some very interesting stories attached to it.

After some research I found some pretty cool pieces of information about the county.

According to UlsterCountyAlive and and Wiki, here is how the county got its name and a little history behind it:

  • The first settlers referred to it as just Esopus at first
  • The county is named after the Irish province of "Ulster" which means "fifth part"
  • in 1683, The Duke of York (James) established land and counties here and he was the one who chose the name "Ulster"
  • Ulster County used to be made up of regions that are now considered to be Greene and Sullivan Counties
  • At one time the capital of Independent New York was Kerhonkson
  • The highest point in Ulster County is Slide Mountain
  • Ulster County is about 90 minutes north from New York City, its also an hour south of Albany
  • The oldest street in America is in New Paltz

Pretty neat stuff happens around here.

Do you have any other cool facts about Ulster County to share with us? Do you have any cool pictures? Feel free to drop a comment below or send it on the Wolf Mobile App.

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