Father's Day is quickly approaching on the calendar and I'm embarrassed to admit this, but when it comes to buying my Dad a gift I usually strike out.

I'm close with my Dad, but for some reason when it comes to buying him gifts I struggle. One year I bought him a bottle of vodka because I figured everyone likes that, and he told me hasn't had a sip of vodka in years. The following year I bought him cannolis and he said he's been watching his weight because his doctor told him he needs to drop 15 pounds at his physical. Last year I ordered him some tools online for his garden, but it got delayed getting here and by the time he received it I think he forgot all about why he was getting a present.

I know, I know it's not about the gift it's really all about the thought that counts. However, it made me start to think about gifts we think our dad might like, but they really might not be the best choice for him.

Another detail I should point out is that I'm horrible with dates. Thankfully on my phone reminders come up for holidays, but if it doesn't on yours you might want to set an alarm or a reminder for yourself.

Drop a comment below if you have any more thoughts or gift ideas that we should all stay away from for Dad, or the opposite if you have any cool ideas for the struggling gift-giver.

Dad Might Not Want These Gifts


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