Is it just me or is it hard to believe it's already July?

Now that we are approaching a holiday weekend and we are in the throws of summer, many people safely want to enjoy BBQs with a small group of friends and family.

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The CDC put out some guidelines for this and I figured, it's always a good idea to go over them:

  • I hate to be too personal, but it is important to ask anyone coming over if they have been sick or been exposed to COVID-19 recently
  • Pick an open space to have people sit (preferably outside) and sanitize all furniture
  • Position people so they are six feet apart, you can even use cute lawn decorations as markers for this
  • Right when people come over have them wash their hands and sanitize
  • Keep a few extra masks handy, sometimes people forget by accident
  • Have people bring their own condiments and beverages so no one is sharing them
  • Stick to one person when it comes to food handling, this way multiple people won't be touching it
  • Stay clear of a buffet style set-up
  • When you're cleaning up at the end wear gloves and throw away all garbage quickly
  • Wash any reusable items (towels, tablecloths, cushions, etc.)
  • Keep in-touch with everyone, if someone does become ill it's important to notify anyone who came the bbq, this way they can make an appointment with their doctor and get tested right away


If you have any other tips or idea to share, feel free to drop a comment below. Enjoy.


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