So what have you been doing during the pandemic? As we get closer to this being something that has happened for the last year (yes, March of 2021 it will be a year since New York State officially entered the Covid 19 pandemic) have you been working on your home? 

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According to hardware stores across the nation, consumers who have been working from home or isolating at home because of the pandemic have worked to make their dwellings cozier and people who have had that long list of projects of 'things to do' around the house have actually been trying to check one or two things off their long lists.

Have you been painting? If you have, check your paint stash. The folks at Rustoleum have just issued a recall on one of their products. According to and the Consumer Product Safety Commission the product in question is a 20 oz can of Rust-Oleum Professional Bright Galvanizing Compound Spray.

What does the product do? According to the Rustoleum website, this particular spray, helps to prepare metal surfaces (galvanized surfaces) for a coat (or two of paint). The reason that this particular product has been recalled is because the paint company has recieved six reports of the bottom of the can seperating from the main part of the can (detaching) one of those reports was of an injury.

The specific date and quality code for the affected cans are, "product number 7584838 and batch code H0304A."

If you are an owner of one of these particular cans, do not use it, but return it to place of purchase for an exchange or refund. For additional information, the Rustoleum website.

What is the one project that you have completed at your house since March of 2020, that you are most proud of? Painting? Gardening? Decking or maybe even building a fence? Feel free to share pictures of your project with us. Send them to us using our app.

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