"This is going to be the best summer of my life so far!" the child excitedly said.

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Hudson Valley residents are helping 7-year-old Atman from Rosendale and his family purchase him a new outdoor-accessible "freedom" chair.

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"I wanted to share this heartwarming story in Rosendale that is receiving strong support from the community. Seven-year-old Atman, who has a disability, will soon be able to actively join friends and family for hikes, bike rides, and even winter walks, thanks to the kindness of supporters," a GoFundMe spokesperson told Hudson Valley Post.

Atman's family launched a GoFundMe to help purchase a new wheelchair and cargo bike for Atman.

"These two items will change the way our family lives, and afford Atman so many more opportunities to explore the beautiful world around him," the family says.

Atman is described as being a shiny, funny little kid who loves to be outside exploring.

Hudson Valley Helping Local Child Get 'Freedom' Chair

"The wheelchair he has is great indoors but is unable to go over gravel, sand, or grass. Even most trails deemed 'accessible' are not possible for him to use without an extreme effort," the GoFundMe states.

The family believes the outdoor-accessible "freedom" chair will help Atman and his family go for a hike or bike ride without being uncomfortable.

"We have tried many different kinds of carriers. Besides being extremely uncomfortable for both of us, they leave him a passive witness instead of the active participant that he wants to be. Also, he's 7 and wants to do things on his own! The GRIT Freedom Chair will fit Atman into his teen years and will help him gain the strength and confidence to hike independently, traverse uneven ground (think Kingston/Rosendale sidewalks!) and stay active as he grows older," the GoFundMe adds.

As of this writing, over $7,000 has been raised in one day. CLICK HERE to donate.

"This is going to be the best summer of my life so far!" Atman excitedly said when he learned about the new wheelchair.

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