As the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases soar in Orange County, officials are advising all residents to stay home.

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On Monday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo reported 389 confirmed coronavirus cases in Orange County. By Thursday that number had soared to 751, according to Cuomo.

Late Thursday, officials in Orange County confirmed 756 positive COVID-19 cases and announce three Orange County residents died from the virus.

After announcing the first coronavirus related deaths in the county, Orange County Health Commissioner Dr. Irina Gelman advised residents to consider any public site in Orange County as a potential site of COVID-19 exposure.

Then on Thursday, Gelman noted that COVID-19 has spread quickly throughout Orange County and she recommends that all residents stay home, including children and teenagers not in school, unless they must get food, medical supplies, or go to work.

Try to use delivery services when possible, officials say. Keep your distance from other people as much as possible, following the recommendation of six feet, officials say.

Gelman made that announcement after county officials announced a person who recently tested positive for coronavirus was at a local Walmart on Tuesday while symptomatic.

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