It seems sudden to me, but gas prices have increased in the Hudson Valley.

Maybe I'm just going to the wrong gas stations, or maybe I'm right when I say that gas prices have definitely gone up in the Hudson Valley. On Sunday, March 24, I paid $2.71 per gallon at a gas station in Montgomery. I was shocked, to say the least, but I just figured it was because it was Orange County and whatever other reason I could justify in my head.

But on Tuesday, March 26, I passed a gas station in Espopus/Port Ewen (can't remember which if I'm being honest) that was also charging $2.71 per gallon. Wednesday, March 27, I see a gas station in Highland is also charging $2.71 per gallon.

WHEN DID GAS PRICES GET THIS HIGH? I swear a month ago gas prices were about $2.30 per gallon to $2.40 per gallon. This 'sudden' price jump seems absurd to me.

Did you notice that gas prices were on the rise? What sucks is no matter the price, we'll still be buying it.

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