Just how lucky are we to have the original Woodstock grounds in our Hudson Valley backyards? The number of incredible artists and performers that travel to the area to perform at Bethel Woods on a regular basis is second to none, and not to mention a day spent on site includes breathtaking views and so many pieces of cultural history.

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Now when it comes to the summer 2023 concert season, not only is the lineup pretty stacked, but now there's a Hudson Valley (and well beyond) fan favorite for BBQ that'll be stacking the food options as well.

Handsome Devil BBQ Serving at Bethel Woods

Just announced, the 'devil' is headed to Bethel Woods for summer 2023 and will be slinging up some good BBQ in the 'house left' location of the infamous concert venue.

In speaking with the award winning Pit Master himself, Ed Randolf, he shared the ironic story of how taking his oldest daughter Lily to a couple of concerts last summer ended up landing Handsome Devil on site at Bethel for the summer 2023 season:

We noticed there wasn't a bbq vendor and she said it would be cool if we were here. Fast forward a couple months later and I received a call out of the blue by Paul Lloyd the GM of Bethel who wanted to stop with their chef Joel Trocino to discuss us doing some BBQ items for their VIP guests. Paul, Joel and myself had done various events for the Hudson Valley over the years and remained friends. Maybe call it the power of the pork but after a platter of BBQ we agreed we needed to offer our product to all guests and they graciously offered us a space at their venue. It is really rewarding for us.

The Devil's Handsome History; Hudson Valley & Beyond

Randolph's family has been in the Hudson Valley since the 1800's and they are proud of the area.  In addition to living here in the Hudson Valley, Ed and his wife Noelle have been serving the community their delicious BBQ at their Newburgh restaurant location, and are always out and about in the community at events.

They are also the authors of two Amazon best selling cookbooks.

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You may also remember when Handsome Devil earned the Champion title from Food Network for Best BBQ for the NYC Wine and Food Festival. Did we also mention that Ed is a Chopped Champion?

In addition to their local presence, 'The Devil' is constantly traveling the U.S., from Vermont to South Beach for BBQ events and festivals. They've been the principal vendor for the NYC Beer, Bourbon & BBQ Festival, and been on plenty of movie premiers providing catering for Warner Bros.

This summer though, there will be a lot less travel as the Handsome Devil crew is able to 'stay home and share our craft with our local community. We love the Hudson Valley.'

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Google Maps, Bethel Woods Center for the Arts
Google Maps, Bethel Woods Center for the Arts

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