Parents of the Hudson Valley, rejoice with me.  Here's an opportunity for us to get rid of some stray LEGO pieces from the house, and donate them for a pretty great cause.

According to, there's a new initiative called LEGO Replay, that together with Give Back Box, Teach for America, and Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston, will gladly accept your unwanted bricks and give them to children's nonprofits across the U.S.

So, here's where you come in:

Collect any loose LEGO pieces, sets, or elements, place them into a cardboard box, and visit the LEGO Replay website to print out a free shipping label, and possibly call the service, either UPS or FedEx, depending on your location and the label, to have them pick up the package at your door.


The package will be sent to the Give Back Box facility, where each brick will be sorted, inspected by hand, and given a rigorous cleaning.

For more information on the initiative, and to print out FREE shipping labels, check out the LEGO Replay website.

In other LEGO news, click here for more info about the Grand Opening celebrations for the Hudson Valley Legoland location.

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