It's been a hard time for a handful of small, local, Hudson Valley businesses.

Back in March when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, it really took us all by surprise. No one knew what to expect and when the world would open back up again.

I don't think anyone would think that 6 months later in September, we would still be waiting for some of our favorite Hudson Valley businesses to open.

It felt like we waited for ages for places like gyms and malls to open. Now that they are, there is still one industry that's still struggling. Movie theaters still haven't gotten the okay to open up.

While there are many big corporations in our area who will be fine come opening day, whenever that may be, smaller theaters wont.

The Roosevelt Cinemas in Hyde Park and the Lyceum Cinemas in Red Hook have been doing their best to keep  money flowing during these uncertain times. From offering discount movie ticket books to selling their famous popcorn, the popular theaters were doing what they can to stay afloat.

Our Hudson Valley neighbors always know how to help when a business is in need. According to the Roosevelt Cinemas Facebook page, a "patron in Hyde Park" created a GoFundMe account for the theaters to help them take care of some future bills.

Roosevelt Cinemas explains:

"Within one month our Hyde Park school taxes are due, approximately $27,000. A like amount is due in Red Hook later this month. Somehow we must pay these tax bills. After serious deliberation we have decided not to discourage the young man's effort which we greatly appreciate. And our heartfelt thanks go out to all of you who have loyally supported us during a very trying time."

As of Friday morning September 4, 2020, they have raised $1,248 out of their $10,000 goal. If you would like to donate, you can visit their GoFundMe account. 

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