We here in the Hudson Valley are lucky to have convenient and affordable means of transportation in the form of trains. I mean, how easy is it to get to New York City and back?

Unfortunately, too easy for some, it seems. A man nicknamed "Wobbles," also known as "Redrum," also ALSO known as William Soler, pleaded guilty to illegal gun activity.

A member of the Bloods, Wobbles/Redrum/Soler was charged with selling 93 guns illegally to undercover police officers, using Metro-North trains to move the guns from Port Chester to the Bronx. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison. Four other members of the Bloods have already reached plea agreements in the case.

But the story of his court troubles took a few strange turns along the way. Soler, who weighs 500lbs, was wheeled to and from the courtroom in a large wheelchair, and responded aggressively to questions from the media. He gave them the finger and, when asked if he lost weight while behind bars, responded "Yeah, in my left testicle!" according to the New York Daily News.