A new burger restaurant will be opening soon in the Hudson Valley.

Signs for Freshburger with the words "coming soon" have caught the attention of Hudson Valley residents. The new restaurant will be moving into a closed pizzeria and promises to bring locally sourced burgers, fries and shakes to the area.

The new restaurant does not appear to be affiliated with the popular Freshburger chain in Canada. Instead, it will be an independently-owned location operated by the same people who run the Fresh juice bar next door.

Freshburger will open in the former Leonardo's Pizzeria and Restaurant on Route 52 across from John Jay High School. Just like the Fresh juice bar, the new restaurant will have an emphasis on "clean" eating. Other burger chains have recently joined the trend of offering their customers quality, fresh ingredients instead of the usual fast-food fare.

Laurel Lynch Impellizeri, the owner of the soon-to-open Freshburger posted images of the exterior of the restaurant on Facebook and shared some information about the new burger joint. The menu will consist of burgers, fries, milkshakes and also offer other healthy options, such as a veggie stack for non-meat eaters. The burger meat will be locally sourced, as well as other ingredients used in the restaurant's offerings.

Originally, the Freshburger was scheduled to have already opened, but the date was pushed back to this January due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A Facebook page has been set up for the local business, but as of now, it doesn't contain much information. Menus or photos of the interior of the new restaurant aren't posted, but we expect more details to be released in the upcoming weeks.

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