The Food Network claims a pizzeria in the Mid-Hudson Region makes one of the best pizzas in the world.

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A pizzeria in Newburgh is now "internationally known" thanks to many unique pizzas that some consider out of this world. You can see photos of the pizzeria's "international known" pies below. However, Pizza Mia is not considered one of the best pizzerias in America by the Food Network.

The Food Network traveled across the United States to find the top five pizzas in the country. Below are the "Top 5 Pizzas in America," according to the Food Network.

  • #5: The Detroiter — Via 313
  • #4: White Clam Pie — Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana
  • #3: Pizza Margherita — Una Pizza Napoletana
  • #2: Italian Sausage Pan Pizza — Pequod's Pizza
  • #1: Mushroom and Pepperoni Pie — Totonno's Pizzeria Napolitano

Frank Pepe Pizzeria has a Hudson Valley location in Westchester County. At the Yonkers location, you can purchase a small White Clam Pie for $14.75 and medium will cost you $23 while a large White Clam Pie will set you back $30.25.

Here's what the Food Network had to say about their fourth-ranked pizza:

Frank Pepe's has been making pizza for more than 90 years. Their White Clam Pie, invented in the 1950s, is their signature. Every day 700 pounds of fresh cherrystone clams are shucked. The pizzeria also uses specially milled flour and coal-fired ovens, both of which set their pies apart from the rest.

Frank Pepe Pizzeria also has many locations in Connecticut including in Danbury, Fairfield, West Hartford and New Haven.

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