With 2021 coming to a close, it may be occurring to you that you need a 2022 calendar. The question becomes, do you want a physical calendar, maybe even a calendar book, or do you just need to keep up with your "outlook" calendar on your computer?

I get a calendar book every year. The funny part is I have gotten a calendar book for almost two decades now and I still have them all. The cool thing about calendar books is they act like little diaries of what you did on what day.

I am sure many of you rely on an electronic system. Maybe you are really good at using the reminder on your phone. You also might be one of those people who just enjoy having all your adventures and appointments organized on your computer. My opinion is that might be good for some activities, but not all, especially spontaneous ones.

Why Use a Real Calendar

I am a calendar book person myself. I have a calendar on my office wall that is handy to glance at when making a plan. It's is also a great visual. I cross off the days as the month goes passes. It is like a day tracker doodle pad.

My calendar book on the other hand travels with me, even on vacation. It offers the right amount of space for me to doodle in the margins about stuff that I did each day. It is also a great way to plan upcoming life flow. Keeping track of work and play on the pages lets me get a real good look at my life balance which is often way off.

My point for bringing all of this up is simple; with so much of your information out on the internet, do you really need your whereabouts and personal life dates subject to a digital breach. Having a book to write down daily notes makes planning your week feel much more organic. And the written book can't crash or be hacked.

So keep the electronic calendar so you don't miss any of your work appointments but use your paper datebook for free time plans and memories.

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