We have all done it at one point in our life, bought a calendar because we liked the photos. Now one of your favorite photo could be featured in a 2022 calendar of New York State.

When you were younger it may have been your favorite superheroes or as you grew up it may have been a calendar from your favorite part of the world. And please don't get me started on those adorable puppy calendars that start showing up this time of year just in time for Christmas. No matter what you select at some point we all get a calendar for the upcoming year.

I have a calendar I buy every year and I like it so much a friend actually buys me a second copy. I end up with one for home and office. I don't get the Llewellyn's Witch calendar each year for the pictures I get it for the info but the art work is pretty cool.

So have you ever wanted to be someone who 's picture ended up in a calendar.? If so I have an opportunity I found for you on Facebook. Indie Treasure is offering a calendar photo contest by state. You have an opportunity to submit a photo you have taken for consideration for their New York 2022 calendar.

Indie Treasure's mission is to showcase the world's best independent artists. Their website and social media is full of amazing independent art and your photograph of something in New York can be added to that list by being selected for their 2022 calendar.

If you are not an artist but like me your can appreciated art you may want to find out more about Indie Treasure. Their website offers many different items such as hats, t-shirts and more that feature artists from around the world. You may not be able to afford to collect an original piece of art but chances are you can afford something with an original design on it. It could end up being a good place to start your Christmas shopping.

And also don't be shy if you have taken a great photo go ahead and submit it who knows you might find you favorite Hudson Valley photo in a 2022 calendar.

Here are some Puppy pictures so you don't have to buy a calendar.

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