Credit: Samantha Mileski

A Hudson Valley resident is trying "drum" up some new business on Facebook Marketplace.

Friends, Romans, people of the Hudson Valley, sell me your ears! Is that how it goes? I may need brush up on my Shakespeare.

These days I find myself talking about things and asking a ton of questions that life just never prepared me for. Here's another one to throw out there. Does anyone in the Hudson Valley need to buy fake ears or maybe just one? If you do then you're in luck because there is currently a woman right here in the Hudson Valley who is selling fake ears.

This isn't just some random fake ear for sale. The listing is from Samantha Mileski who's a special effects artist out of Monroe. She owns AgedBlood FX and she makes, masks, costumes, sculptures and prosthetics. Her online resume is quite extensive as she's got 5 years of experience in making prop special effects.

Honestly, if I made a list of the weirdest things I've seen in the past 9 months this wouldn't even make the top 50. What does that tell you?

Credit: Samantha Mileski

Should this surprise me? There's never a shortage of strange things for sale on the Hudson Valley's Facebook Marketplace. It was just around this time last year that we saw a gently used stripper pole for sale on Facebook Marketplace.

Maybe I should buy it. My wife claims I don't use the ones I have at least twice a day. She might appreciate the sentiment. Or it could terrify her.

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