So over the course of the New York State Covid Emergency, there were a few things that were pretty cool, like you could get margaritas or beer delivered with your taco or pizza order. Yep, that is probably the one thing that I will miss from the pandemic, getting things delivered that you could never get delivered before. 

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Another thing that New York made it pretty easy with is for a little bit, we didn't need to get our cars inspected nor did we need to renew our registration. Of course, that changed, our brief respite from having to pay New York State money for those things has returned. I am sure it is for our own good, right?

Can you use your expired drivers license to buy wine, beer or liquor? Aka Booze?


So, when the state of emergency ended on June 26, 2021, there is also something that we couldn't just put off any longer. When did your driver's license expire? If you have been rocking the expired license and go to purchase alcohol with it, you didn't get turned away during the pandemic.

Now that we are 'back to reality' that expired license is no longer valid for alcohol sales. Yep. DMV and New York is going to get that money.

So can you renew your license online or do you have to actually go to the DMV?


Can you renew your license online? Yes. You can. If you need an eye test, they will give you the instructions as to how to upload that info too.

Have you ever been refused alcohol because your driver's license or ID is expired?

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