According to the DCSPCA's Facebook page, animal intake at the shelter increases during summer. In order to help as many animals as possible, they are offering a FREE adoption weekend staring Friday July 20th through Sunday July 22nd.

All animals over 7 months old will be made available for adoption without having to pay an adoption fee. This is the perfect opportunity for those families or individuals who are on the fence about getting a pet. If you're still not sure, you are free to meet the animals and even interact with them without having to make a decision. More often than not, the animal will pick you.

In my personal experience, adopting a dog changed my life for the better. Yes he's quite a responsibility but our relationship forced us to learn to communicate. This truly is the purest form of unconditional love I've ever felt. My dog does nothing but love me every time I come home. I trained him not to jump up when someone enters the house so he just sits and stares at me. Meanwhile his tail is wagging across the floor rapidly to express his excitement and struggle to stay patient.

When I make eye contact, I'll gently pat my legs and he stands up as if to give me a hug. You don't even have to be a dog lover to appreciate how cool that is. The video shows my dog Duggar with his two friend's who live down the street. All three dogs were adopted from The DCSPCA and they are the coolest squad in the neighborhood.

The DCSPCA is doing everything they can to accommodate all the animals that get sent there. Their goal is to adopt out 20 dogs and 50 cats this weekend. But events like this free adoption weekend could take it's toll on the limited funds they have. If adopting an animal is not possible for you but you still wish to help, sponsoring adoptions is another way you can help this weekend. For information on adoption, volunteering or donations you can visit their website animal in our care.

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