Have you ever purchased furniture from Best Buy? Sure, maybe an entertainment center or a computer desk, but a dresser? Can't say I would've known that they sold dressers, let alone ones with four drawers.

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This week the Consumer Product Safety Commission announced a recall on certain dressers that were sold at Best Buy stores, the BB website, Pier 1, Amazon.com and Target.com.

Why were the dressers recalled? According to the Walker-Edison website: 
The drawers may be unstable if they are not anchored to the wall, potentially causing tip-over and entrapment hazards.

The dressers involved in the recall don't look like hazards to the naked eye. The dressers, some are painted white and some are wood tones, have drawers that can be removed and appear to be elevated about 5 inches off the ground on wooden or metal legs.

The recall affects about 24,000 total units for Walker Edison 4-drawer dressers with the following sku's:

  • Spencer 4-Drawer Chest with SKU Numbers:
  • Chest of Drawers with SKU Numbers:

What should you do if you are an owner of one of these dressers? Walker Edison is offering a refund or replacement of the product. To get that ball rolling, call them at  833-208-3600. 

The phone call is the first step in the refund/replacement process, at which time they will send you a pre-paid shipping label to return part of the dresser to them, at which point you can opt for the refund or a replacement.

Up until the announcement was made, did you have any issues with the dresser? Was it fairly easy to put together? How soon will you be applying for the refund or the replacement?

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