At the beginning of the month, the New York Blood Center declared a blood emergency due to extremely low donations. They need blood and they need it quickly.

NYBC has declared a blood emergency!

Donating blood is quick, easy, virtually painless, and it saves lives. The New York Blood Center knows that sometimes the best way to get people in the door to donate is to offer an incentive. When you donate blood you leave with the satisfaction that you may have helped someone. Usually, you get rewarded at the end with some apple juice and some Lorna Doone cookies. 

New York Blood Center is offering a new incentive for people who donate for the month of August.

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You can donate blood for a voucher for a free pint of beer. The campaign is called Pint for Pint.

There is a New York Blood Center in Hopewell, Kingston and White Plains.

According to the New York Post, Captain Lawrence Brewing Company. Brooklyn Brewery and Coney Island Brewing Company are a few of the participating breweries.

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