I wrote an article last week about a ghost hunt that will be happening next month at the former Mid Orange Correctional Facility, and a lot of people said they’d be too scared to go, others said they would definitely take part. Which got me to thinking. How many people here in the Hudson Valley actually believe in ghosts? I’m pretty sure that I do, and I wrote about why I do in an earlier article.

So, maybe it’s not the most scientific research, but I put an informal poll on my facebook page about whether you do or do not believe in ghosts. I figured I would get 50 or 60 responses. Well, I got 50 or 60 reponses in the first five minute. And either ghost believers are much more vocal about their beliefs, or the Hudson Valley believes in ghosts. Big Time.

Some (about 25) people said they believe in spirits or some kind of energy, but not necessarily ghosts. Somebody said that he doesn’t believe in ghosts, but he does believe that places can be haunted. Less than 25 people said that they out and out do not believe in ghosts. That’s 50 people out of almost 300 replies. And more half of those people are unsure. All the rest said they believe.

I have no reason not to believe in ghosts. There are so many stories that I’ve heard about, and some of those from friends that I know and trust. Why would all these people lie? While I’ve yet to see a “person” ghost, I’ve spotted what I thought was a cat out of the corner of my eye when neither of my cats were in the room. And I’ve had a lot of cats through the years. Just sayin’.

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