A 100-gallon propane tank was found floating in the Hudson River and officers found more shocking activities while patrolling the river.

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Recently, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation found some shocking things while patrolling the Hudson River.

On Sept. 7, ECOs Johnson and Walraven conducted a boat patrol along the Hudson River for marine fishing violations.

While on patrol, the officers observed a 100-gallon propane tank floating in the middle of the river in Orange County. This posed a major safety risk to boaters, according to the DEC.

The officers secured the tank and brought it ashore with assistance from West Point Military Police.

Once on shore, the West Point Fire Department safely removed the tank from the property.

ECOs Johnson and Walraven continued south along the Hudson River to Piermont Pier where they observed an individual throwing a cast net from the bow of a boat.

The two fishermen on the boat possessed two young striped bass caught with the cast net. Striped bass can only be legally caught by angling, according to the DEC.

The ECOs released the fish back into the water and issued the two individuals tickets for taking striped bass by illegal means and fishing without a marine fishing registration.

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