President Donald Trump and Gov. Andrew Cuomo went after each other for how the other is handling the coronavirus pandemic.

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On Sunday, Cuomo called on Trump to immediately take comprehensive federal action to help stop the spread of coronavirus. Then on Monday, he said the "federal gov't must act."

"President Trump: Deploy the Army Corps of Engineers to build temporary medical facilities, so that when hospitals are overwhelmed, we can move people into the temporary facilities. It’s only a matter of time before our state's ICU beds fill up. The federal gov't must act," Cuomo tweeted.

Later while announcing all restaurants, bars, gyms and movie theaters in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut must close by Monday at 8 p.m Cuomo said the action was done because the federal government didn't implement any rules.

"I have called on the federal government to implement nationwide protocols but in their absence we are taking this on ourselves," Cuomo said during a press conference.

On Monday at 1:40 p.m., in a since-deleted tweet, Trump fired back.

"I have to do more? No — YOU have to do something! You’re supposed to be the President," Cuomo responded in one tweet. "Happy to do your job, too. Just give me control of the Army Corps of Engineers and I’ll take it from there," Cuomo said in another tweet.

The one thing the two now agree on, the seriousness of the coronavirus. During a White House briefing on Monday, Trump said Americans should stop going to bars and restaurants, practice social distancing and avoid gatherings of more than 10 people.

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