In hopes of stopping people from hanging out in New York City parks, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced cars won't be allowed on some streets.

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On Sunday, Cuomo said New York City must develop a plan to correct the number of people hanging out in parks.

He wanted a plan in 24 hours and said there should be no group activity in parks. On Wednesday, Cuomo announced the plan.

Some streets in New York City will be closed to cars and open for pedestrians to walk. Which streets will be closed to cars hasn't been announced.

Cuomo called for mandatory playground social destiny, which means no contact sports at playgrounds, including no basketball. If this doesn't work, Cuomo will be forced to close all New York City parks.

About 80 percent of confirmed cases in New York resolve on its own while about 15 percent need hospitalization, Cuomo said. But the number of confirmed cases and hospitalizations is increasing quicker than projected.

"The actual hospitalizations have moved faster than the projected models," Cuomo said. "That's obviously concerning."

New York now likely needs 40,000 ventilators for ICU patients. On Tuesday, Cuomo said New York needs 30,000 ventilators.

Cuomo did provide some good news, the evidence is suggesting the hospitalization rate is decreasing. Hospitalization rates were doubling once every 2 days on Sunday, it was doubling every three days on Monday and is now doubling every 4.7 days, according to Cuomo.

Cuomo now expects the coronavirus to peak to occur in three weeks.

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