Gov. Andrew Cuomo expects the coronavirus will peak in 45 days and believes more drastic action might need to be taken.

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During a press conference on Tuesday, Cuomo said health experts predicted the COVID-19 pandemic likely won't peak in New York for another 45 days.

"I'll tell you the truth when it's pretty and when it's not pretty. That's my job," Cuomo said. "FDR once said, 'The news is going to get worse & worse before it gets better & better, and the American people deserve to have it straight from the shoulder.'"

Cuomo made the statements while also confirming over 400 new coronavirus cases in New York, bringing the statewide total to nearly 14 hundred.

"It is a frightening time on every level," he said. "But we will get through this. Understand what we're dealing with, understand the pressures that we're feeling -- but we will get through this."

The goal for Cuomo and others is to "flatten the curve" in New York. Cuomo noted, he took drastic action on Monday, by closing all restaurants, bars, gyms and movie theaters in the state, but noted more "dramatic steps" will likely need to be taken.

“Just yesterday we took very, very dramatic steps,” Cuomo said during his Tuesday press conference. “The curve is not flattening to a level we can sustain. Which would suggest that we’re going to take even more efforts to flatten the curve. That’s what we’re exploring now. It is likely that we’re going to take more steps to slow the spread by reducing the density.”

Cuomo also said the state must find a way to create 55,000-110,000 hospital beds and find new health professionals as reserve staff if the need arises. If you are a recently retired health professional and can help you can CLICK HERE for more information.

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