A new and unique spot is quickly approaching its grand opening in the Village of New Paltz, and it seems like a pretty perfect fit for the community.  Neighbors and community members are set to have been nothing but supportive of this new business, a board game cafe, that is preparing to open its doors on September 13th.

Gunks Gaming Guild & Cafe, New Paltz

The idea behind The Gunks Gaming Guild, or 'The Guild' is pretty fun: Welcome to our cozy board gaming cafe, where you can enjoy some bite-size snacks with a specialty coffee while playing one of our 150+ games. Guests will be able to visit their location on Church street, enjoy the atmosphere, play games, and even participate in their weekly and monthly events.
In addition to the gaming, they're also planning to host live music on site, paint and sip nights, miniature painting nights, and even murder mysteries.
Instagram: Gunks Gaming Guild
Instagram: Gunks Gaming Guild
In speaking with co-owners Amanda and Rob (more about their story below), their hope is 'to foster the magic of gaming with this incredible community, while sharing our passion for communication, collaboration, and creativity.'
Amanda shared that a big focus and major component of 'The Guild' will center around weekly Dungeons and Dragons campaigns.  They are currently working on an in-house campaign divided amongst four 'guild masters,' or dungeon masters, for drop-in and drop-out sessions.
We will also be offering one shot campaigns, where player characters of all levels can join a one night adventure run by one of our dungeon masters.  Draft and drafts is one of our magic gathering events, where you get 3 booster packs and a draft beer for the night.  There are also plans in motion for kids campaigns, books clubs, and special outings.

Our Story: Gunks Gaming Guild Co-Owners Settling in New Paltz

Amanda Gamble and Rob McDonald have been visiting New Paltz to rock climb for a number of years and said they fell in love with the community. 'This vibrant town is filled with so much love and life, we couldn't imagine opening a board gaming cafe anywhere else.'

The two, who are engaged, have a background in restaurant/hospitality, with Rob working in the restaurant business for years, but also has a background as a cinematographer, photographer, and personal trainer.  Amanda also has worked in the restaurant business and is a certified teacher driven by social justice and mental health advocacy.

Together, they are pursuing Rob's dream of creating a space for people who love coffee and games, and Amanda's vision of an inclusive and magical world for individuals to express themselves.

How Does 'The Guild' Work/How To Learn More

The Gunks Gaming Guild operates on a library fee-based structure.  Visitors that come in to play will pay a set per-visit library fee, have access to any/all games, and can stay as long as they'd like.
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The soft opening is scheduled for September 13th, where you can find them at 17 Church Street in New Paltz, but in the meantime, you are encouraged to join their discord page which can be linked through their website. They are also gaining a strong following on their Instagram where you can get more information about events and opening details.

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