So you have been inside pretty much for the last three or four months, have you made sure to keep up the maintenance on your car? Or have you pretty much developed the mindset that it doesn't matter, because you are not using it all that much?

In addition to regular oil changes and preventive maintenance it is important to make sure that your automobile does not have any open recalls from the manufacturer.

What is a recall? Here is the definition from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, or the NHTSA:

A recall is issued when a manufacturer or NHTSA determines that a vehicle, equipment, car seat, or tire creates an unreasonable safety risk or fails to meet minimum safety standards. Most decisions to conduct a recall and remedy a safety defect are made voluntarily by manufacturers prior to any involvement by NHTSA.

How can you check to see if your particular car or truck has an open recall? Super easy. Get your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). You can easily find this on your registration or your insurance ID card.

Enter the VIN in the online recall checker on the NHTSA website. To check out the website and enter your VIN, click here. 

What do you feel is the most important maintenance on your car that you can do? Oil changes? Car washes? Checking the tire pressure?

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