About twice a year I bring up this topic and by now I am hoping that you have joined me in the mission of saying "NO" to the straw that is unless it is reusable or recyclable.

I realize that it is not easy to enjoy a large beverage from you favorite take-out restaurant or for that matter your favorite coffee shop with out using a straw. But before you say yes to the large piece of plastic you are using to enjoy your mocha something, think about the fact that straw is going to be around long after you are gone. Unless is it made from biodegradable material.

A few months back I told you all about my love for corn starch dental picks, trust me when I tell you the corn starch straw is just as amazing and it is biodegradable. That means that once you are done with it you can dispose of it and know that it will be gone eventually unlike the popular plastic version.

Cornstarch straws are a great way to keep your straw habit and not feel like you are adding to the plastic straw problem we have here in America and all over the globe. So when would be a good time to make the switch? I say this Sunday (Jan 3rd) would be the perfect day because it just so happens to be National Straw Day.

People have been enjoying straws according to the National Days Calendar since 1888. I don't expect to get rid of the straw but let's plan on getting rid of the plastic ones responsibly and switch to an alternative. Straws now come in many sustainable materials including glass, metal, paper and my favorite cornstarch.

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