Looks like we've just found another way to save money. A new store has opened in New York that has bargain shoppers talking.

There's no shortage of secondhand stores in New York. Some, like the Newburgh Vintage Emporium, seem to welcome celebrities nearly weekly. For those of us that don't have Hollywood money, a new store specializing in big-box returns may be the answer.

Everyday Crazy Hot Deals in Bethpage, NY (Google)
Everyday Crazy Hot Deals in Bethpage, NY (Google)

Everyday Crazy Hot Deals

The store, Everyday Crazy Hot Deals (they just cut straight to the point, don't they) is offering something novel: selling returns from stores like Amazon and Target at heavily discounted prices. Friday through Wednesday, shoppers are welcome to shop the rows and rows of boxes filled with everything from board games and makeup to Halloween masks and even reportedly Apple hard drives. There's just one small catch.

Tiered Pricing at Everyday Crazy Hot Deals

The store has a tiered pricing system to reflect the amount of goods available for sale. On Fridays (fresh after their weekly restock), the discounts are at their smallest, with every item costing $12. On Saturday the price drops to $10 dollars per item. Wednesday is the cheapest day of the week, with a $1 price point, and then the cycle begins all over again. Their first (and only) New York location opened back in September.

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Everyday Crazy Hot Deals in Bethpage, NY

The latest store is located on Long Island in Bethpage, NY. While the store's theme of selling returned items sounds great, one shopper reported that the selection was a little underwhelming. Spiral bound notebooks, facemasks, and a damaged hair dryer may be useful, but it's not exactly inventory worth the road trip to Long Island. But speaking of "bargains"...

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