The new "Nature Explorer" backpacks are being made available to encourage people to get outside and explore Dutchess County.

At one time or another, most of us have gone to our local library to take out a book. The library system most libraries use is an easy one, you go in, look up the book you'd like to take out, sign it out, and off you go. Most libraries will give you a certain amount of time to read the book and will issue you a return date. Make sure you remember to return it by its due date or you could be on the hook for a late fee.

Did you know that library in Dutchess County will soon be offering more than just books?

Dutchess Land Conservancy/Facebook
Dutchess Land Conservancy/Facebook

Explorer Backpacks in Dutchess County

In an effort to get folks in Dutchess County outside this spring, Dutchess County libraries are going to be offering "Nature Explorer Backpacks" according to the Dutchess Land Conservancy Facebook page. The backpacks are going to be filled with different guides and equipment that will help anyone who checks them out.

Five Different Backpacks

The backpacks that have been made possible thanks to a grant from Dutchess County's Learn, Play, Create grant program will contain books, guides, and activities in five subject matter areas including, forests, insects, birds, tracking, and the night sky. Anyone who checks out a backpack at one of the 26 libraries in Dutchess County will be able to keep them for a specific amount of time. Each library has its time rules, so if you check one out be sure to ask how long you can keep it so you aren't charged a late fee...LOL.


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Will Every Dutchess County Libary Have Backpacks?

The Dutchess Land Conservancy told us that each library in Dutchess county will receive the backpacks sometime in early spring, "While all five subject backpacks won't be available at every library, we've made sure that each of the five subject areas will be at a library within reasonable driving distance."

Once the backpacks are at the libraries and ready to be signed out, we will update this article to let everyone know.

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