By now you know I love to keep you up-to-date on the National Days Calendar. This coming Sunday, January 10, 2021 is National Sunday Supper Day. This day has been officially celebrated on the second Sunday in January every year since 2012 according to the National Days Calendar.

Sunday supper was something we always did at my house while I was growing up. As a matter of fact my family usually traveled to another family members house for Sunday supper. We seemed to alternate between the relatives in New Jersey and my grand parents house in Scarsdale every Sunday.

When we didn't live close to family we still always had Sunday supper. which was typically served earlier than supper or dinner during the week. Sunday supper always seemed to be ready around 3 pm. It also always seemed to be the meal we ate in the dinning room instead of the kitchen.

Being that we are still trying to keep gatherings to a small group the National Days Calendar suggests that you can do Sunday supper virtually. The interesting thing about that is everyone can enjoy their favorite dish from there own couch. Sunday supper is a wonderful way to have a meal with friends and / or family and catch up on the past week and what's on the way for the upcoming week. Start your tradition this Sunday, National Sunday Supper Day.

Need some meal ideas checkout the ideas below.


18 Sunday Supper Ideas

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