Is that a bobcat? Maybe a mountain lion? Or something else?

I've never been good at identifying wildlife like this, but if I happened to come across something like this while I was out walking my dog, I think I might have a heart attack. No matter where you live in the Hudson Valley at one time or another you've seen some sort of wildlife that has scared you.

We had a whole conversation the other day about the six forms of wildlife we would never want to come across while outside at night and wouldn't you know it, we can now add another one to the list of things we never want to see....LOL!

As I was scrolling through Facebook the other day I came across some amazing pictures of what looks to be a bobcat or mountain lion and I had to know more so I reached out and found out that this cat was seen in the Hyde Park/Clinton Corners area on Sunday.

We talked to Mary, who told us the her husband Jeremy took the pictures of the cat on Sunday morning November 8th, around 9 a.m. from their yard on Marshall Road in Hyde Park.

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