How long does it take for a whiskey to age once it makes it into a barre? That depends of course on what kind of whiskey you are making and what you want it to taste like. The answer to that question on a project with Berkshire Mountain Distillers (BMD) and Sam Adams (yes, the beer you already know and love) is 4 years.

The two companies teamed up 4 years ago, with BMD taking 25,000 gallons of Sam Adams Boston Lager and distilling it 3 times to produce about 1,000 gallons of spirit. The spirit has evolved into an American whiskey by aging the last 4 years in used bourbon barrels.

Allegedly the whiskey, called Two Lanterns American Whiskey, with an expected retail price of $120, is to be on store shelves, October 31, 2016 in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey and Georgia. I asked a few people that I know who carry the BMD products, locally in the Hudson Valley, and they said, they don't have it yet, but expect more information any day. Check your local liquor store for information.


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