While scrolling through Facebook over the weekend, I stumbled upon a post from Facebook friend Aaron Lane who had posted about trying to save a bear that had been struck on I-84. It was a fascinating story, and I give kudos to Aaron for doing all he could. The bear was reportedly struck by a vehicle and then found its way to safety under a FedEx truck that had pulled over to try and protect it.


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We reached out to Aaron Lane, a wildlife rescuer from Port Jervis who was on the scene over the weekend, and he recounted the story for us of what happened.

West bound. Mile marker 20.6. Someone hit the bear. It crawled out into the road. A tractor trailer stopped to block traffic. The bear crawled under the front of the tractor trailer. That's when I got there. It was a FedeEx tractor trailer. The driver gave him water. With my catch pole (like dog warden would use) I got him out from under the tractor and to the shade of my truck. After troopers showed up. The bear sat up and I could see the displaced hip. Rehabbers and my vet confirmed that it was likely not a recoverable injury. Then the decision was made. I sat there petting him for a little while, he was so calm with me. He knew I was trying to help. - Aaron Lane Senior Pest Control Technician, Termite and Wild Animal Specialist at JC Ehrlich

A sad ending to an otherwise beautiful story of compassion, showing that there are still some decent human beings out there in this world. Much thanks to Aaron for all he did to try and save the bear and for sharing his story. R.I.P. to the big handsome bear that Aaron helped keep comfortable during his last hours.

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