The Beacon City Council met last night and on their agenda was a motion to that would support the legalization of recreational marijuana use in New York. Also, on their agenda was the discussion of the 'Proposed Local Law to Deprioritize the Enforcement of Marijuana Laws.'

What does this mean for individuals who are 'caught' using marijuana on the streets of the City of Beacon? It means that the cops aren't going to be necessarily after you if they catch you smoking on the streets, they will 'go after' you if you are also doing something else in conjunction.

This change in Beacon correlates to the change in New York law enacted at the end of August 2019 when legislation took effect decriminalizing marijuana possession. This piece of legislation also expunged many past marijuana possession convictions, but even with these small changes New York still cannot agree to terms to legalize recreational marijuana.

Are you for or against the legalization of recreational marijuana in the State of New York?

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