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The herb of the Month for June 2020 is Pepper. I know this because I am on of the many folks who has gotten into herb gardening. I am not alone. It actually seems to be trending in the plant world, people growing their own herbs. Maybe it's all the time at home but herb gardens whether they be indoor or out have become a fun type of gardening. The Spruce shared online last October that herb gardens were sprouting up more often. They attributed it to the fact that we have a renewed focus on nutrition and eating fresh. I'll agreed.

So not wanting to be off trend, cause that's me trendy, I am actually trying to grow herbs this year. At the moment my Spearmint is doing well but my Rosemary and Lavendar may need rescue. I am actually still learning about both gardening and herbs. Gardening isn't just about watering, who knew. And herbs aren't just the ones potted in the grocery store. There are a whole bunch of different herbs and the best way to get to know them all is to checkout the Herb Society of America.

I have learned a lot about herbs and just how many varieties there are simply by using the Herb Society's Herb of the Month page. On the page they share the annual calendar where they pick an herb for each month. Once the herb makes the calendar they share the information about the herb and recipes that would use it. The information is so helpful. Most of the herbs I have barely heard of and wouldn't have a clue what to do with them if is wasn't for the fact sheet and the recipes. The monthly calendars go back to 2013 so you can really dive in and research just about any herb.

Enjoy herbing if that is actually a thing and if my plants ever get beyond a sprout I will be sure to share photos. If you want local seasons try the Hudson Valley Seed Company.

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