At my house there is no such thing as leftover Halloween candy. We start buying Halloween candy as soon as it hits the shelves which seems like the day after 4th of July. Any way at my house we seem to eat it as soon as we buy it. The idea of candy lasting or being left over after Halloween is just down right absurd in my world. But I know some of you have more self control. You won't be eating your weight in candy before the actually holiday. However If you have kids and they trick or treat you may end up with more candy then they should eat so what do you do with the extra?

Simple you freeze it. That's right according to The Spruce you can freeze your leftover Halloween candy. they do have a disclaimer though that it might not taste as good as it did when it was fresh. Now if you are thinking that freezing your extra candy is the way to go just keep one thing in mind. That is when you get ready to eat it you are going to have to let it thaw. We won't want the money you saved at the dentist on cavities end up being spent at the dentist instead for a broken tooth.

Finally it you are truly stuck with what to do with the left over candy my first suggestion is take it to work. If your job is anything like the radio station that bag full of goodness won't make it to 5 PM. If you decide you can't possibly share your candy and you want to keep it all for your self that is fine. But just remember that candy isn't always made to last for months after Halloween so I maybe a good idea to share that candy and buy the Christmas candy that's already available at your favorite grocery.

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